How to make Lavender Hearts

Lavender Hearts in striped ticking
Lavender Hearts in Striped Ticking

If you had lavender in your garden this summer and were able to save some of the flowers then making lavender hearts is a lovely way to use them.  The heady scent is great in amongst the fresh laundry or in underwear drawers, and it also acts as a good repellent for any roving moths.

  1. Place the heart shaped template on the fabric, lining up any stripes or patterns
Use template to cut out heart shape
Use template to cut out heart shape

2. Cut two pieces, front and back

Cut a front and back of heart
Cut a front and back piece

3. Place right sides together and pin in position, matching stripes carefully.  Sew round edges leaving a 2″ gap on each side away from the centre top to allow a gap for stuffing.  See picture.

Sew round the edges of heart
Sew round the edges of the heart leaving a 2″ gap each side of the centre

4.  Turn right side out

Turn Heart inside out
Turn Heart inside out

5.  Fold in the top edges the same amount as your seam allowance and use a little fabric glue to hold in place and prevent fraying.   Position the ribbon folded in two in the centre of the back of the heart on the inside and glue lightly as this will make it easier to pin and sew once the lavender filling has been added.

Use a little glue along top edges of heart
Use a little fabric glue along the top edges of the heart

5.  Add lavender filling and stitch across the top edge, finishing off all ends securely.  Et voila!

6.  You can also make Christmas Hearts and fill them with wadding, or for an even more Christmassy feel use cloves, cardamom or anis.  Shabby chic edging looks good, too.

Christmas Hearts
Christmas Hearts

Really eco-friendly Christmas decorations.  Hang on the tree, in a window or use little ones to personalise your gift wrapping.  Lovely stocking fillers, too!  A good way to become more green.

Have fun being creative in the long winter evenings.  You’re welcome to share your ideas here.


Make a decorative window curtain

Personally, I have never been a fan of net curtains.  I love to be able to look out of my window and see the trees, the sky, the birds, it gives me a sense of connection, a link to the outside world.  However, depending on where you live, your window may be somewhat exposed to the eyes of passers by.

Here’s something I came up with which doesn’t completely do what a net curtain will do, but nevertheless breaks up the line of vision and usually absorbs people’s attention in its own right.

A decorative window curtain, or display.

Window Curtain by Day
Window Curtain by Day

The great thing about this is that it’s really fun to make.  You can allow your creativity full reign and add things in different colours and textures, or you can use pieces that are all the same tone with just a few accents of colour here and there.  You could choose a specific theme, the obvious one at the moment being Christmas decorations, with pretty fabric hearts in vibrant reds and greens, or later in the year change to a nautical theme usings blues, pieces of string with driftwood and shells for example.  You could make a statement with unusual recycled or vintage artifacts. shabby chic style, or handpaint your own glass baubles or wooden hearts.   It’s also a very affordable alternative to curtains as you do not have to have to spend a lot upfront, but can add bits as you go along.  If you’re a collector, like me, you’ve probably got lots of bits of ribbon and buttons tucked away somewhere.  Or create a 3D scrapbook of memorabilia.  What’s great is you can just remove anything you are bored with, and change with the seasons.  I have hung my bits and bobs over a simple curtain rod which can be bought very cheaply and has a spring mechanism which holds it in place in the window recess so no need for drills or anything high tech.  Just measure your window before you buy the curtain rod to be sure you buy the correct size.


Window Curtain by Night
Window Curtain by Night

Of course this is quick and easy to apply if your windows are as small as my present home.  In a larger window I had in my previous house I bought a beaded door curtain and hung this from two hooks in the centre of the bay window.  I cut it to the length of the window sill, but of course check that the beads are fixed individually before doing this!  You can personalise as you wish, adding beads or ribbon to suit your taste and the mood of the room, or leave plain if you prefer a simple look.

Post us a picture when you’re done.  Have fun!!