A Logstore Made from an Old Shed

Last Spring I dismantled the old garden shed I had inherited when I bought the house.  The roof and floor were completely rotten but the side that was closest to the neighbour’s fence had been sheltered from the elements and some of the wood was still in usable condition.  I stacked it at the bottom of the garden and set to renovating the house.

As part of my mission to live a more sustainable life I had a wood burning stove installed in September.  I stacked my wood supply on an old kitchen door and used the old shed door to keep the rain off as best I could, with some waterproof sheeting at the edges and in the gaps which were exposed.  The downside to this was that some of the wood got soggy and mildewed as the air could not circulate properly.

make a logstore from an old shed
My Logstore Homemade from an Old Shed

This Spring, while tidying up the bottom of my garden, I came up with the idea of upcyling the old shed and building a logstore with the saved wood.  After looking at a youtube video, I realised that the door, sawn in half across the middle, would make the perfect base.  I removed the slats and cut some of the old side posts to length to create a grid for the wood to lie across and to allow the air to come in from underneath.  I also added a couple of pieces of post at right angles at each corner under the frame, so that it is standing another 3″ higher off the ground to help keep the wood dry. Then I made frames for the side panels from other posts, while reusing the wooden slats on both the side panels and across the back.  The other half of the door was used for the roof.  I left the slats on this to keep the rain out, but cut the front posts down in height and set the door directly on the front cross spar so that the roof is slightly pitched and the rain can run off.

Reusing the old door frame has made the log store really sturdy.  Let’s hope that by the time the autumn arrives I will have managed to acquire a stock of wood and that it will be dry enough to burn!  If you are a seasoned wood burner and have some great tips, please leave your comments below to share with others starting out on the journey of working with nature.  Have you ever made anything from an old shed?